Spirituality and Transformation for Happiness





New Thought and Ancient Wisdom are actually one and the same. Ancient Wisdom refers to spiritual insight or understanding that has been revealed throughout human history to individuals or groups of individuals who, through conscious communion with the Spirit WITHIN, have made themselves a vessel for God (Universal Wisdom or Love-Intelligence).

 These insights and principles are found in many of the world’s religions and philosophical schools of thought. At the root of most organized religion and philosophy there is common ground. 

Building Happiness Radiant eCoaching nurtures those Devine and human aspects in which all people can create a love affair with the God of their own hearts and realization in the process of embracing universal spiritual principles.

Building Happiness Radiant eCoaching is a trans-dimensional spiritual approach that recognizes wholeness and oneness with all of Life, rather than focusing on dogma that tends to increase separation. New Thought sheds the new light of today’s world on Ancient Wisdom.